World Banknote Summit 2020 24-26, February, 2020. Prague, Czech Republic

Topics: The third edition of this innovative conference will develop its unique approach further, offering even more learning and networking opportunities in a familiar environment. Speakers from within the banknote community and further afield will look at banknotes from different perspectives and discuss the most important issues in currency management. Since its start, the World Banknote Summit has introduced a number of innovative approaches to the conference industry. It was the first event to give experts from outside the banknote industry a voice introducing new perspectives on banknotes. It pioneered new formats fostering discussion in small groups and ensuring attendees benefitted to the maximum extent from the expertise of the speakers and their industry peers. The World Banknote Summit 2020 in Prague will further expand upon these concepts and will continue to innovate, reinforcing the event’s position as a platform for learning and constructive discussion on all the important banknote-related topics.

Organizer: Lighthouse Communications LLC.

Banknote Conference - 11-14, May, 2020, Washington D.C., USA

Topics: The Banknote Conference format and size encourages a collegial exchange of information, opportunities for business development and up-to-the-minute information. This highly acclaimed banknote conference encourages the participation of senior executives, administrators and managers involved in policy-making, banknote design, production, issue, regulation, processing and authentication of banknotes for such organizations as: Central Banks and Monetary Authorities, National and commercial banknote printing works, National and commercial paper mills, Government enforcement agencies, Banknote technology companies, Security ink manufacturers, Banknote designers, Banknote security device manufacturers, Banknote equipment manufacturers. Cash Management Companies (CMCs).

Organizer: Currency Research

18.01.2020 Impressive agenda and innovative session formats at World Banknote Summit 2020
The World Banknote Summit 2020, which takes place in Prague from 24th to 26th February, spans a range of key agenda topics presented by expert speakers. Innovative session formats, such as the Chatbox, a platform for small group discussions, and The Printer Forum, a workshop for state security printers, will offer excellent learning opportunities and foster exchange among the participants.
06.11.2019 Banknote 2020: New Perspectives from a Trusted Forum
This independent event will once again gather the best minds in the industry in Washington, DC from May 11–14, 2020, with a distinct focus on new ways to approach the traditional banknote.
08.10.2019 World Banknote Summit unveils programme innovations
The organisers of the World Banknote Summit 2020 have announced further innovations in its conference programme: in addition to a carefully considered speaker line-up, the conference is now adding both a new discussion format known as a Chatbox and a special printer’s workshop. Chatboxes are designed for discussing specific topics in small groups in depth, offering the attendees the opportunity to engage with experts and industry peers. The printer’s workshop will focus on best practices and practical solutions for print work challenges.
04.10.2019 Security Printing Congress
WorldBI is proud to bring the Security Printing Congress to Leonardo Hotel Frankfurt City South, Germany on 3rd & 4th December 2019.
27.09.2019 Banknote 2020: New Perspectives from a Trusted Forum
This independent event will once again gather the best minds in the industry in Washington, DC from May 11–14, 2020, with a distinct focus on new ways to approach the traditional banknote.
26.09.2019 Tax Stamp Forum Goes Back to Where it All Began
This year the Tax Stamp Forum turned 10 years old, and to mark this milestone anniversary, we thought we’d return to where it all began 10 years ago, by holding the 2019 forum in the same city. And we have to say that it was great to be back!
29.08.2019 The Challenge of Digital Secured Documents
The first Digital Document Security™ Conference, organised by Reconnaissance International and held in Berlin in May, attracted round 100 participants from 26 countries and 67 different organisations. They were drawn from government banknote and ID issuing and enforcement agencies, banknote and secure document providers, universities and research institutes, and from the new feld of digital transaction and ID systems, such as Google, Veridos and Scytáles.
02.08.2019 World Banknote Summit 24-26 February 2020. Prague, Czech
In a series of interviews with central banks and industry experts, the organisers of the World Banknote Summit are identifying topics that are of most relevance to central banks, state printing works and the banknote community. This is allowing the creation of a captivating agenda and the start of the search for expert speakers. The process is already well under way and various representatives from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), central banks, state printing works, universities, commercial banks, supermarkets, law enforcement agencies and other entities have confirmed to speak. They will bring fresh views and inspiring insights to the table, with thought-provoking perspectives for participants.
04.07.2019 About The Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS)
Since the first seminar in 1995 held in the US, The Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) has grown to be the premier global seminar for commercial cash management, cash circulation and distribution.....
04.07.2019 BnEI joins the industry in combating unfair competition and unethical behavior
With great interest we are following the work of the Banknote Ethics Initiative - an international non-profit organization that defends high ethical standards for doing business and preventing corruption within banknote production. There are almost no publications on its activities in Russian press. BoW would like to fill that space. Our correspondent talked with Antti Heinonen, the "legend" of the foreign currency industry, chairman of a non-profit organization Banknote Ethics Initiative.