We’d like to offer our information and reference editions dedicated to various aspects of cash circulation, currency industry, securities, numismatics, economy and finance.


ATM & Cash Innovation Latin America – April 18-20 2017, Panama


Topics: ATM security, ATM card fraud, prevention of skimming methods, malware attacks, industry and regulatory bodies responses to new and future threats

Organizer: ATMIA и Reconnaissance International

Currency Conference May – 14-17, 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Topics: cash usage and evolving payments landscape, banknote series planning and issuance, currency strategies and future of cash, innovation in banknote security and usability

Organizer: Currency Research

ATM & Cash Innovation Europe – June 13-14 2017, London, UK


Topics: deposits, cash recycling, contactless ATM technology, biometric authentication, driving ATM profitability, future of ATMs

Organizer: ATMIA и Reconnaissance International

High Security Printing Latin America – June 19-21 2017, Guatemala


Topics: new technologies, methods of production and issuance of banknotes, e-passports, ID-cards, visas and other state documents

Organizer: Reconnaissance International

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